Take the time read John 22:15-17.  For three years Peter and the disciples had relied on others for financial support, for emotional support and to be in ministry. Now, in Peter’s mind, all of that was gone. Not only was his support gone but he had betrayed Jesus in a most embarrassing and public way. By the time we reach John 22 Peter is already forgiven. John 20:19-22 makes it clear that he and the others were forgiven. Jesus gave them His peace and they were filled with joy. Consider the scene. Now, even though Peter was already forgiven, three times Jesus asked Peter do you love more than these. Scholars are divided as the definition of “these”. I’m convinced Jesus is referring to the boat and the fish. Peter had returned to fishing, which was his business. There was a boat anchored and a net full of fish. Peter had the option of returning to his old life. He could have become a successful fisherman who also had witnessed a risen Savior. He could have had great financial and personal security. He could have protected himself from ever failing Jesus in such a public way. Here was the struggle. When Jesus told the disciples to let down their nets they hauled in a great catch of fish. This was exactly like the events in Luke 5. This was when Jesus first called Peter into the ministry. Jesus was saying Peter, you’re still called. Now that you’re forgiven you are also restored. He was saying Peter do you love Me more than financial security. Do you love Me more than hiding in the safety of what you know? Peter if you will follow Me you are completely restored.

One of the things that made this so difficult for Peter was he could remember that just a few weeks ago he pledged undying love and support for Jesus. Mat 26:35 NLT “No!” Peter insisted. “Even if I have to die with you, I will never deny you!” And all the other disciples vowed the same. He had failed miserably. Now Jesus was asking him to make the same kind of pledge. All Christian men will acknowledge that they can be forgiven for sin and for failing Jesus. Most of us struggle with that restoration part. One of the primary reasons is that, like Peter, we know what we’ve done. We have already failed once and we don’t want to make that mistake again. In our humanness we want to hide in our security of this life not risking failing God. Though Peter didn’t have confidence in Peter, Jesus did. Jesus was telling Peter you’re still on My team. You’re still called by Me and for Me. My friends learn from Peter’s life. You’re not only forgiven but you can be restored. Go to Jesus telling Him you love Him more than anything in this life. It is Jesus’ desire and plan that you be completely restored. He did it for Peter and He’ll do it for you. You think about that.