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Biography – Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor was born and raised in Coatesville, PA to Christian parents, George, and Gertrude Taylor.  His formal education was in Coatesville public schools and at West Chester State University, also in PA.  Although he was taught and trained to love the Lord from birth, he set out to find “a better way”.  Leaving home and continuing that search, he entered the US Air Force. However, his Damascus Road experience came in 1975, bringing his “better way” search to an end. 

Robert surrendered to Christ and entered discipleship and ministerial training, under the guidance of Bishop Timothy L. Witcher, in Victorville, CA. After those years of training, he was sent to Germany where he pastored for 4 years.  Over the next several years Robert served in or pastored churches in California, Korea, Bahrain (a Muslim nation off the east coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf), the United Kingdom, and Oklahoma.  He and his family finally settled in Midwest City, OK.  Robert eventually planted Restoration Community Church where he has been Sr. Pastor for the past 27 years.  He has continued to travel and share a message of love and hope in Jamaica, Kenya Africa, and throughout the US. 

He was consecrated a Bishop in 2004 and elevated to the office of an Apostle in 2021.  He believes part of his charge as an Apostle is to bring a message of Christ’s Love, Life & Liberty to the Church. He has a love for pastors, directly caring for 7 throughout the US and the Philippines.  He is a member of Kingdom Builders, a city-wide alliance in the Oklahoma City area focused on mutual support and encouragement for pastors of all denominations.  He is currently Overseer of the Southeastern Region of the US with Faith Association of Ministries International (FAMI), his Apostolic credentialing organization. Robert is married to Stella Taylor, the love of his life for 47 years and his co-pastor at Restoration. They are the proud parents of three adult children (Mona, Violet & David), as well as four adult grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.