Gulf South Men seeks to identify different individual ministries that both equip and inspire you as men to live out lives of AUTHENTIC MANHOOD.  We want to make it a priority today to equip both your local church and you as men with proven resources and a vision that will continue to guide you on your personal journey to AUTHENTIC MANHOOD.

If we’re not proactively coming together as men on a regular basis to encourage each other and to have true community together, we’re missing a major component of our manhood journey.  Too many men are not doing this. As a result, men are lonely (a number of recent studies show that most men are lonely and that loneliness is one of the greatest factors in poor health, even greater than our diet and exercise).  We NEED meaningful, ongoing and authentic community with other men.

So, we share here a resource that will help you experience that meaningful community with other men.  We want to feature this as the resource we most recommend for you to use because we believe it is the best and most proven resource out there that will give you ongoing gospel-centered and practical manhood community and growth … It’s called 33 THE SERIES  – It’s a multi-volume video experience that leads men on a journey to authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in His 33 years on earth and it hits right where we live as men … in addition to framing a manhood with a biblical definition, it speaks practically into understanding our journey as men, helps us identify and avoid idols at a heart-level and encourages men in their work lives, marriages and even fatherhood.  It has been experienced by over a million men worldwide and we believe it is one of the best resources you can use to both go below the surface into your own heart while also building meaningful community with other men.

Take a look at their website and view the trailers from this DVD Series HERE.

Purchase your DVD Study set HERE:

33 The Series DVD Study

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