Let me challenge you to be a hero to your family. In Joshua 1:2 God tells Joshua to arise and cross the River Jordan. Don’t start moving just to give the appearance of doing something. Get moving doing the right thing. Get moving with somewhere to go. The nation of Israel had spent 40 long years in the wilderness. They had essentially been traveling around the same mountain for 40 years. God not only wanted them to get moving but He had a specific place in mind. God prepared a Promised Land for them. If they had gone anywhere else it would have been disastrous. One of the decisions in life that caused Joshua to become a hero was that he went exactly WHERE God told him to go. He went WHEN God told him to go. Some of us are missing out on what God has prepared for us because we refuse the call of God in our lives. God told us how to lead a family but we have another destination in mind. Too many of us have chosen a destination offered by the world and not the one given by God. Notice the promise God gave Joshua. I will be with you as I was with Moses. God was with Joshua as along as he was headed in the direction God had required. That alone made him a hero. If you and I will answer the call of God in leading our families, He will be with us as He was with Moses and Joshua. What we need is a laser like focus on the calling of God in our lives. Nothing in life is more important than leading the next generation into a relationship with Jesus. Lead your family into a closer relationship with God and you will be a great spirit filled HERO!