STUDIES SHOW that an unprecedented number of men are solidly trapped in a cycle of viewing pornography:

“Roughly 80% of college men and 34% of co-eds use porn on campus or off…” (Judith Reisman and Mary E. McAlister, “‘The Sexual Revolution’ Gave Us ‘The Rape Culture’”, Breitbart, January 1, 2016,

57% of pastors admit to struggling with pornography

30% of pastors report they have had an affair or a sexual encounter with a parishioner.

77% of pastors feel they do not have a good marriage. (Pure Desire Ministries)

Yet you rarely, if ever, hear about this SERIOUS issue from the pulpit. Worse, churches are not offering workable solutions. Gulf South Men feel strongly about this epidemic and are actively working to address it. We’ve identified an EFFECTIVE tool to combat this blight on men’s souls called the “Conquer Series”. Click on the link below for more information!



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