The late Dr. Gary Smalley invested considerable research into the dynamics of marriage and identified keys to successful relationships. Studies do show that practicing Christians are more likely to stay married, and the chart below shows that Christian Men overwhelmingly see their marriage as “Good” or “Godly”.

An interesting note from Gary Smalley is that a man’s wife is a built-in marriage guide in that she can offer feedback on the quality of your marriage, and even offer suggestions to improve the relationship. In the training series “Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships” Dr. Smalley pointed out that men consistently rank the quality of their marriage several points higher than their wives! With that in mind then, the graphic above would be better complimented by surveying the wives on how they see these same marriages.

The important takeaway here is that Christian men do indeed value both their relationship with God and their wives, and clearly see the importance of centering the relationship around God. Going forward we would counsel every man to persevere in making your marriage the absolute best it can be, starting with an honest sit-down assessment with your wife. She will open your eyes to things not seen, and can offer guidance on what will make your marriage a “10” from her perspective. By first listening intently to her, you then earn the right to share from your heart what will make your marriage a “10” from your point of view. As you honor one another, purpose to walk this journey together, you will advance and create a marriage to envy!


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