Gulf South Men Board Member Todd Shupe offers a perspective on a Man’s Personal Identity in his latest blog. (Click HERE)

Curiously, we in the U.S. allow media and culture to define norms. Abandoning moral values, tradition and reason the trend has been to sit back and simply allow others to set our life Standards. Not surprising the outcome is chaos and division among the entire nation. The most shocking aspect of this is that the Church behaves in the exact same manner! It follows then, that men seek significance and identity in all the wrong places, all the wrong ways.

EVERYONE is made on purpose, and for a PURPOSE. Men and Women alike. We speak to men, speak about men not to exclude women from the conversation, but to focus on issues and offer answers. Truth is that men’s identity drives behavior, and from the cultural evidence there are real problems with our cultural norm! It is so easy to treat symptoms of a problem, to complain and best of all – to BLAME! Few ever look at the core issue, the reason for the problem. Men need a worthy identity, something that transcends the cultural norms setting a new and high standard!

Over the eons civilizations have repeatedly dealt with this dilemma and the answers are there for those willing to dig. So are the outcomes if we continue to allow popular culture to dictate manhood, behaviors and norms. The end is ALWAYS dissolution of society. However, when truth and Godly values dictate norms things always improve as do lives and families.

Take a look at Todd’s observations and decide for yourself!